Case Studies
  1. The Managed Care Provider
    The Managed Care Provider
    The CIO of a growing managed care and assisted living facility with multiple locations around New York City wanted to build an MPLS network for voice and data services. It needed to be on separate entrance facilities from their existing services. It needed to be properly secured and firewalled so he could meet HIPAA standards. We brought in several vendors' proposals and found the best value for them. One of the locations had installation delays due to permit regulations, so we quickly arranged for them to have a fixed wireless service in the interim. Contact Amy at 914-723-7011 or [email protected]
  2. The School District
    The Director of Technology for a large school district in the Dallas, Texas area asked for competitive proposals to provide 10 Gig Internet Access to 5 locations. The vendor had to be E-Rate registered and understand E-Rate rules and compliance. We brought in the winning bid and had the services successfully installed. Contact Amy at 914-723-7011 or [email protected]
  3. The TV and Film Production House
    The Chief Operating Officer of a film & TV Post-Production house is planning a move out of NYC to save money. The company transmits large amounts of video data, which eats up huge amounts of bandwidth. The needs to find a less expensive location that is close to NYC with access to very high speed, reliable network broadband services for the video transmissions. We are working with him and some real estate specialists to find a location that meets all of the requirements. Contact Amy at 914-723-7011 or [email protected]
  4. Library System
    A Technology Director supporting 44 library locations near New York City moved headquarters to a new location. They needed to figure out if they should continue to house their own servers and data storage. They needed to learn what data center co-location options and hosted options were available to them. We researched their options with 8 vendors and provided the Director with a matrix comparing all 8 vendors on monthly pricing, one-time costs, location, data center Tier, power, security, ease of connectivity to carriers and Cloud providers, and managed service options. Contact Amy at 914-723-7011 or [email protected]
  5. Start-Up Telemedicine Developer
    A start-up with a telemedecine app was making a sales pitch to a large health insurance company when they ran into a problem. They were using the public Cloud for their app. Despite the public Cloud's Business Assurance Agreements, the insurance company required a private Cloud. Also, the public Cloud provider did not accept network access links from the insurance company's MPLS provider. We quickly brought in hybrid Cloud providers who could provide private Cloud and connect with the insurance company's MPLS service, helping developer to win the RFP. ​ Contact Amy at 914-723-7011 or [email protected]
  6. Warehouse & Distribution Company
    The HR Director of a growing warehouse and distribution company wears many hats. She is also responsible for managing the company's telecom services. Her wireless bills were getting out of control. We discussed the company's needs, including growth requirements, and reviewed their bills. We concluded that the company was was best off staying with their current carrier, but, we found better rate plans for their usage patterns, and we reduced their average monthly wireless bills by 40% from $2300 to $1400. We also oversaw the migration to the new rate plans for them. Contact Amy at 914-723-7011 or [email protected]
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